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Glimmer is a professional consultancy service company based in Riyadh. We provide a range of HR and management consultancy services to clients across the MEA region.

Our team members have extensive hands-on experience working with leading private and government organizations in the UAE and Saudi Arabia in numerous fields that include healthcare, hospitality, retail, construction, banking and safety

At Glimmer, our actions are guided by five core values:

Ensuring client satisfaction

Applying a curious mind

Utilizing agile thinking

Having an impactful behavior

Maintaining an impeccable integrity

How we

Our diverse team members have extensive hands-on experience working in the same positions our current clients hold. This allow us to effectively connect with and understand the particular needs of our clients, and develop customized, practical solutions to address their unique challenges.

At Glimmer, we use a range of tools and approaches, including Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, the Science of Change Management, as well as Business Transformation and Strategy. Incorporating these elements into everything we do allows us to provide consistent quality and experience, standardized work and solutions to our clients every time.

We know that our clients are so busy working on the day- to-day of running their company or managing their establishment, they lack time to step back and look at the big picture. That's where we come in, we bring the vision and trusted expertise needed to transform problem areas into successes. We deliver the results our clients have come to expect time after time, making Glimmer the trusted adviser and partner they turn to for all their consultancy need.

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